Clayton Livestock Research Center


The Clayton Livestock Research Center’s mission is to conduct research on the health and performance of newly received cattle, mostly lightweight. These cattle may originate in New Mexico or the Southwestern states and are brought to NM for grazing.


To be the premier feedlot research center in the United States.

Research Focus

Scientists at the Clayton Livestock Research Center conduct research on shipping protocols for cattle, particularly evaluating the health and performance of newly received cattle and nutrition and management from feedlot to slaughter. Other research involves irrigated pastures and native grasslands, including grazing and stocking densities on locoweed-infested pastures.

Upcoming Events

  • 2022 Annual Field Day
    The Clayton ASC is hosting its 2022 Annual Field Day on August 15th. See the full schedule linked above.

Contact Information

Clayton Livestock Research Center
15 NMSU Lane
Clayton, NM 88415
Phone: (575) 374-2566
Cell: (575) 644-0366
Fax: (575) 374-2568

Dr. Glenn Duff, Superintendent
Phone: (575) 374-2566
Fax: (575) 374-2568