Clayton Livestock Research Center

Overview of Center
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Clayton Livestock Research Center is located about 6 miles east of Clayton, NM. We have 48 pens that we can feed 940 head. Our feed mill is equipped with a steam flaker. We have 10 overhead bins for different commodities, and 2 roughage wagons outside the mill. All of them will feed into a mixer to mix different rations. Our feed truck is set up with a feed box that can feed 6 different pens with different rations. We also can make our own mineral packages in the feed mill.

There are also 32 individual feeding studies. The Research Center also has 120 acres under center pivot. We do grazing studies on the wheat pasture. The processing barn is set up with a silencer chute where we process and get individual weights on the cattle as they go through the facility. As the cattle are processed we have 24 sort pens that we are able to sort the different treatments into. The center pivot is also set up with working facilities that the cattle can be weighed individually and sorted into 8 different treatments pens.

The facilities are used for undergrad and grad student working on different research projects. There are 3 residents on the facility. They are for employees and grad students doing research.

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Cattle Barn
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Weigh Scale
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Loading Ramp
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Cattle Pens
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